Summer 2022


The Nature of Time

By Colette Creamer, University of Richmond

complex / complexion / complexity

By Samantha Mattingly, Hope College

Refrigerator Door

By Stephanie Eberhard, University of Minnesota

Precarious Weather

By Madeline Pulman-Jones, University of Cambridge


By Junix Seraphim, Portland Community College

The Pufferfish Limerick

By Christian Stemko, Drexel University

ABC Haibun

By Helli Fang, Bard College

Wild, Rough Blue

By Elizabeth Tammi, Mercer University



Fox Studies

By Natalia Orlovsky, Princeton University

The Day it Happened

By Betsy Busch, Mount St. Mary’s University

The Churchyard Yew

By Allison Whitehead, Mercer University


By Natalie Preston, Northwestern Michigan College

Creative Nonfiction


By Arden Stockdell-Giesler, University of North Carolina

Love Language

By Shreya Ganguly, University of Wisconsin

Entropy and the Irrefutable Nonsense of Being

By Tay Rose Meehan, Susquehanna University

Reminiscing in the Land of Maple Syrup

By Lauren Sky, University of Vermont

The Planets Move Without My Consent

By Daniel Sellers, Susquehanna University