Molten Medium, Chloe Moulin

He kisses his hand

through my stomach

I am a butterfly

display, mounted under glass 

—pinned with a needle— 

pleasure with an exit wound.

My stomach wound round the 

puncture. Taxidermy angel, dying 

a little death.

I know why it was 

the seraphim circled 

the throne, ejaculating, 

“Holy! Holy! Holy!”

I want to rub 

my filthy gay hands

on all that flesh-

colored bread. To sip wine, 

queerly, from his bowed lips


I go blueberry picking

in his mouth

he holds my artichoke heart,

all soft supple sustenance, 

in his canines 

Fuck, those teeth              Holy Holy Holy

Juice drips down his chin.

I’d beg him for                 more

if he’d leave me any 

words to beg with

he is a watering hole allowing 

only animal sounds.

Like the Ouroboros we feast 

of each other

in the swallowing we become

a beast of one back.

He sinks teeth into my neck

with a vulpine jaw.

I want to weave 

his name, daisy-chain

into a wreath

to collar me

tight as a halo.

I know, I know

there’s disease in thinking

I am a portion of anything

other than myself 

but oh, oh God 

Holy     Holy     Holy

When he fills me

to his wrist      Holy

I can’t help but think       Holy

I must have been made for this             Holy

What other explanation 

for a sensation so 

blasphemously perfect.

There must be something              ineffable 

in his knuckles

teasing my cervix

Holy Holy Holy

A crush is a thing with feathers.

I must look like

a baby bird

bending my neck back 

to receive his tongue.

Birds speak to each other

and we call it song.

We angels make altars

and thrones of each other 

call it          Communion

                                        Holy      Holy      Holy 

About the Author

Junix Seraphim · Portland Community College

Junix Seraphim (he/they) is a 2020 graduate of Lewis & Clark college, where he studied Sociology and Anthropology. Junix currently organizes for National Democracy and liberation of the Philippines with grassroots organization Anakbayan East Portland. Outside of organizing, Junix performs as nonbinary drag king Prince Lavender. Their work can be found on Instagram at both @queerly.departed and @prince.lavender. “Communion” previously appeared in The Pointed Circle.

About the Artist

Chloe Moulin · University of Vermont

Chloe is a senior undergraduate student at the University of Vermont. After graduating and earning my BS this May, she will be attending the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine to pursue her PhD in biomedical science. She will also be continuing her artwork, and continuing to explore the fusion of art and science. This piece first appeared in The Gist.

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