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National Anthology of the Best Undergraduate Writing

Volume XI: 2024

Tilden Culver


Tilden Culver is a junior English major with a minor in creative writing. He writes mainly fiction—both short stories and novels—with a focus on dystopia, body horror, and magical realism. Some of his writing has been featured in Pwatem, one of VCU’s undergraduate journals. After graduation, he hopes to obtain an MFA in creative writing, and to go into academia while publishing his works.

Kai Nero


Kai Nero is a junior African American Studies major with a minor in creative writing at Virginia Commonwealth University. Their work has been published in Ink Magazine and The Black Creative Magazine. After graduation, Kai hopes to be a published fiction writer. Their favorite genres are Black sci-fi, fantasy, and queer fiction. Kai is also interested in other forms of media and would love to explore screenwriting and filmmaking. 

Kali Baumiller

Art Editor, Social Media Editor

Kali Baumiller is a junior English major with a minor in creative writing at Virginia Commonwealth University. Their writing focuses on fiction with a concentration on poems, short stories, comics, and screenplays. Kali’s favorite genres to write are horror, coming of age, and comedy with a heavy emphasis on the themes of the supernatural. After graduation, Kali hopes to get an MFA in creative writing and become an English professor, or jumpstart their dreams of being in the film industry as a director or screenwriter for companies such as Cartoon Network or independent film companies.

Lauren Hall

Lead Copyeditor, Public Relations Manager

Lauren Hall is a sophomore English major with a double minor in creative writing and history at Virginia Commonwealth University. She is the art editor of VCU’s Amendment literary and art journal, and an editor for the Marginalia research journal. She has had a passion for writing since childhood, and is continuously furthering her exploration of prose, screenwriting, and poetry. After graduation, Lauren hopes to become a published author and screenwriter.


Rebecca Poynor

Faculty Editor

Rebecca Poynor received her MFA in creative writing with a concentration in poetry from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2023, where she served as the 2021-22 managing editor of Blackbird. Her work has been published in Carve, Chestnut Review, Nashville Review, New York Quarterly, Ninth Letter, and elsewhere. She teaches at Virginia Commonwealth University.


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