Refrigerator Door

Dancer, Rose Horell

and I can’t stop thinking 

about how I’ve gotten so used to doing everything


so when I reached into the fridge

for a dozen eggs for the week

with my right leg out to catch a door that never hit,

I was startled when I looked over my shoulder

to see you holding it.

Stephanie Eberhard · University of Minnesota

Stephanie Eberhard is an avid writer and a recent graduate from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, where she double-majored in Managing Information Systems and Supply Chain Management. Despite having studied exclusively in the business school, Stephanie spends much of her free time writing and exploring new forms of creative expression. “Refrigerator Door” first appeared in The Tower. 

About the Artist

Rose Horell · Assumption College

Rose Horell graduated from Assumption College in 2020 with a BA in English. Art and poetry are their lifelong passions. This piece first appeared in Muse. You can contact Rose and see more of their work on Instagram

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