Issue II


My Old BeansBy Matt Burns, University of Georgia Record SnowfallBy Zack Newick, Princeton University The Mermaid by the Water-pumpBy Johaina Crisostomo, Stanford University Sissyboy Bullshit and All of the AboveBy Peter Twal, Louisiana State University Auction DayBy Sarah-Jane Abate, Susquehanna University


Miscarriage SynesthesiaBy Joanna Vogel, Emerson College I Will Send You ThisBy Zachary Green, Columbia College Chicago RepeatBy Nicole Lynn Redinski, Susquehanna University


[open ocean falls]By Matt Aucoin, Harvard University For the Anniversary of Father’s DeathBy Maia Ten Brink, Princeton University Sea BurialBy John Paul Gramelis, University of Vermont TravelersBy Melissa Goodrich, Susquehanna University October GroveBy Kayla Krut, UC Berkeley Man on a HuntBy Anna Hurst, Louisiana State University To Keep BeesBy Abigail Lee, University of Virginia