[open ocean falls]

Ocean View Drive, Rebekah Chamberlain



Open ocean

falls closing into

white past dark blue


where bound, in sand,

in sun, blood, we lie

unopened: five years


of love: still

our cells run caught:

blue divers falling


the volume under

papyrus stretched,

its inner face


bathed as in tea—

you look old, you

look lived in, like home—


till the divers surface, till volume

unbinds—till the page

cracks, spills read—

till the ocean

opens—the ocean

has never opened—


the tea leaves its leaves

(the waves turn over)

the sea leaves and leaves

(almost in sleep)

we leave love


About the Author

Matt Aucoin, Harvard University

Senior Matt Aucoin is a poet, composer, and conductor. Sometimes his music and poetry get together, as in his upcoming opera Hart Crane, which he will conduct at the Loeb Drama Center in April. A student of Jorie Graham, Matt has published poetry in The Harvard Advocate and The Gamut. He has assistant-conducted Italy’s Spoleto Festival and music-directed Harvard’s Dunster House Opera; his compositions have been performed by the Brattle Street Chamber Players and the New York Composers Collaborative.

About the Artist

Rebekah Chamberlain, University of Connecticut

Rebekah Chamberlain is a junior studying photography at UConn’s School of Fine Arts. Already published in a local literary magazine, Rebekah says her work is inspired most by her understanding of childhood innocence and youthful curiosity, along with the beauty and complexity of the natural world.

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