Issue I


The Glory HerselfBy David Bauer, Columbia College Chicago What Did You Expect?By T.M. Kipling, Prescott College Buzzcut McWaykenbaik Saves the DayBy Ezra Olson, Northwestern  University Standing in a Picasso Exhibit in 3 PartsBy Hannah Gill, University of Georgia Sans MamanBy Phoebe Rush, Princeton University


IcarusBy Ting Gou, Princeton University Giacomo Died When I Was OneBy Katie O’Hare, American University Translations of WolvesBy Leah Gallant, Swarthmore College North Country LessonsBy Connor McDonough, University of Tampa Field PoemBy Isabel Neal, Pitzer College ,NYBy Ezra Glenn, Bard College NighttimeBy Kendall Nelson, Emerson College Ephemeral By Tina Hanae Miller, Stanford University


Sarajevo RoseBy Spencer Burke, Harvard University Alzheimer’sBy Jillian Jackman, University of Georgia Sleeping Gas for Fruit FliesBy Abigail Hess, Susquehanna University Lesson on Learned MeaningBy Brooke Morrison, University of Vermont