August 11th, Camille Roccanova



ephemeral i • ´fem • rəl

excerpt from a dictionary of poetry

In the morning

we lay to forget.


There are

the dreams the disasters the

dishevelment of our clothes

and the way we form our words


—an anatomy

yet to be illustrated


covered by sheets.


It is the moment before

our feet touch the ground,

our cotton eyes unripe.


About the Author

Tina Hanae Miller, Stanford University

Tina Hanae Miller was born and raised in Miami. A sophomore at Stanford University, she studies connection, metaphor, and human-centered design. Her first love is poetry; her true love, music.

About the Artist

Camille Roccanova, Bennington College

Camille Roccanova is a senior at Bennington College, where she is studying watercolor painting and printmaking. She is interested in memory—how and why people remember and forget. Reach her at [email protected].

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