, NY

Gansevoort, NY, Nathan Tyrell


Owego is a white Downsville.

there’s comfort in kosher Delhi.

whether there is Climax is a question of Liberty, i’d say.

only braggarts Rome in robes.

i was crammed in Camden but Mexico bound.

welcome Homer to Mayville, the odyssey of our discontent.

q-tips made in Utica get airborne.

Fly Creek is never what i want.

climb Mount Union for great views of the Danube.

the Root of any canal is worth its weight in Clay, at least.

a Freehold is in Accord with masons.

visit Hunter visit Cold Brook visit Cold Spring avoid Palermo.

go Greene if you want the ladies, go Romulus if you want.

there’s some in Paris, Berlin is better east, Kerhonkson is fine too if you need.

Calcium is not proven, four out of Five Ponds agree.

inknight swim in Black River, or stay home and rent Philadelphia.

Venice was just another word for jaundice.

there is a Stark between darknesses, but it’s not something you’d notice right away.

watch out for Fine, i’d guess things turn out worse than you think.

Pike Bath is an Almond Arcade but you can only get there by oatmeal.

Jerusalem, yeah, i’m not really sure what all the fuss is about.

if Prosperity is your bag, i guess.

i’d take Panama over Bagdad any day, it’s like asking if you want extra napkins.

the only good thing about Eden is the strip mall in East Eden, really.


Hamlet is just okay.

there were four times more murders last year in Red House than in Medusa.

i never found Hudson Falls.

Surprise is when you don’t know what could happen, not what can’t.

i was too tired for Marathon.

the best place this time of year is Sand Lake because it has a lake but it also has sand.

we’ve lived in Candor as long as i remember.

Berne is hell.

i never liked Theresa.


About the Author

Ezra Glenn, Bard College

Ezra Glenn is a senior, studies poetry and photography, and is the editor of both the Bard Free Press and the Bard Papers literary magazine. He has not lived outside of the state of New York since he was ten months old. He was born in Jerusalem.

About the Artist

Nathan Tyrell, Princeton University

Nathan Tyrell is majoring in mechanical and aerospace engineering. Sometimes he takes digital and film photographs. He is from Boston.


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