September 2021


The Plains of Shinar

By Jacob Dimpsey, Susquehanna University

Burning Stranger

By Sunny Nagpaul, University of Vermont

How to Appreciate Films

By Josey Chumney, Christian Brothers University

The Village That Raised Me

By Mathias James, Goucher College


Creative Nonfiction


By Kira Smith, Portland Community College

A Dominicana’s Guide to Surviving a PWI

By Coral Bello-Martinez, Franklin and Marshall College



By K-Ming Chang, Sarah Lawrence College

The Crocodile Hunter: Reborn

By Liam Strong, Northwestern Michigan College

Escape Attempt

By Sophie Walker, Goucher College


By Hannah Friedrich, Trinity University

Stones on A Hill

By Kenzie Smith, The Mercury

Just Listening

By William Humphreys, Auburn University

Oh No, It’s Me, Your Resident Advisor, and I’m Already Asking How You’re Feeling

By Seth Wade, University of Vermont

Before You Crash

By Anastasia Farley, Susquehanna University