Raspberry Vapor

Fever Dream, Emily Lawson

I met a woman early August,
across her skin I felt tearful years.
It was written on her stomach and thighs. 

A burning wish fired from her own tongue: 

“Loving arms and a pulse to be alive.” 

Breathing in your raspberry vapor,
take me through each of your faded scars, 

I’ll carry those tearful years for you. 

About the Author

Lakota S.G. Kasworm · University of Central Arkansas

Lakota S.G. Kasworm is a recent graduate from the University of Central Arkansas. He is immensely passionate about creative writing of all forms–ranging from short stories, poems, screenwriting, and even novel writing. In his undergraduate, he was a psychology major and creative writing was only his minor. But even so, he was heavily involved in the creative writing community, with his short stories and poems being published five times in the Vortex Magazine. Eventually, Kasworm even worked on Vortex’s staff as their nonfiction editor in 2019. He is currently studying applied behavior analysis at Ouachita Baptist University.

About the Artist

Emily Bryn · St. Edward’s University

Emily Bryn is a Mexican-American artist in Austin, Texas. She is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art with a minor in Gender Studies and Sexuality at St.Edward’s University. When she isn’t drawing or painting, Emily Bryn is creating apparel for her side project regarding immigration policies, where a percent of every purchase is donated to an organization aiming to help immigrants fight for their deserved rights. Emily has made apparel worn by singer Orville Peck, created an installation for Austin-based Korean restaurant Oseyo, is #1 in Visit Austin’s article of Artists to Look Out For, and has worked on designing a few state level political campaigns. See more of her work on Instagram @emsbrynart or her website, http://www.emsbrynart.com. This piece first appeared in Sorin Oak Review

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