Flickering Strings of Love, Paul Knight

Constellations mapped across her face

Space matter and nebulas rest under two blue moons

Stars mark a trail over a happy nose

A spray outdone only by the up twist of her lips

Swimming only to drown in the ocean of her eyes

The calm currents swallow my beating heart

And leave me absolutely breathless

I find refuge on a freckle—

I skip over them like rocks in a shallow creek

But the emotions have already robbed all air from my lungs

How could something so beautiful hurt me so?

How could a goddess carved from marble cause me to feel so warm?

I stare at the stars that smother her

And let myself get lost in two blue moons.

About the Author

Zoe Weaver · Chatham University

Zoe Weaver is currently a senior English major at Chatham University. She recently self-published a poetry book called Pitted under the name of Zoe Misera. This piece was first published in the university’s literary journal The Minor Bird in the Spring of 2018.

About the Artist

Paul Knight · Canisius College

Paul Knight is a digital arts major at Canisius College, focusing on photography, videography and graphic design. “Flickering Strings of Love” first appeared in Quadrangle. More of his work can be seen on Instagram at @paullknight.

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