The Battle of Antietam in Technicolor, Alexandra Moleski

I shaved the back of my head

on a whim at 2 o’clock

on a Thursday afternoon. There

was a gap between classes.

I wear it in two braids 

down my back and

the fuzzy shaved bit peeks out.

My dad ran his palm over it

when he saw me,

like he was inspecting produce.

He said:

“I like it. It’s organic.”


like a seedpod split open

revealing some 

fuzzy interior. 

I used to play with the 

seedpods in the 

park near my home.

Split the hard, brown shell 

open with your hands

and large, soft seeds

spill out

like tufts of hair

fluttering towards

tiled floor.

About the Author

Jordan Rose Little · Loras College

Jordan Little has been previously published in Catfish Creek, Susie Magazine, Crooked Teeth, and Aphros Literary Magazine. “Seed Pod Head” first appeared in Catfish Creek.

About the Artist

Alexandra Moleski · Simmons University

Alexandra Moleski is a recent graduate of Simmons University with a B.A. in History and a personal passion for silkscreen printing. “The Battle of Antietam in Technicolor” first appeared in Sidelines.

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