The Bones of St. Valentine

Untitled, Jessica Ram

I walked through a church with an unholy mouth
gazed upon this love ghost, this dead thing
with sacrilegious eyes
(they were looking for God, they were looking for you)

Marble walls nothing without your back against them
Here, honesty does not pray clean
or bless politely.

Here, honesty drips your sweat down my neck.

Here, honesty begs.

The pew is a bed, the candle wax is a bed, everywhere is
a place for you to lay me down.

I am guilty lips and the wrong veneration.

I walked through a church with my unholy mouth
looking for God, looking for the love ghost of you.

About the Author

Ameena Chaudhry · University of Iowa

Ameena Chaudhry graduated from the University of Iowa with a B.A. in Creative Writing and Gender/Women’s/Sexuality Studies. Her work is also featured in Ink Lit Magazine, The Oakland Arts Review, and Words Dance Publishing. “The Bones of St. Valentine” first appeared in Red Cedar Review.

About the Artist

Jessica Ram · Susquehanna University

Jessica Nirvana Ram graduated from Susquehanna University in 2018 with a degree in Creative Writing. Her work can also be found in Essay Magazine, Flagship Magazine, and Catfish Creek. This piece first appeared in RiverCraft. More of her work can be found on Twitter @jessnirvanapoet.

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