Dusk in Dakar

Untitled,  Zachary Vaughn




Five o’clock shadows cast down their doubting eyes.

They turn my wall – a hapless host to a lone Light Bulb – gray.


My sea-glassy-eyed window vets each immigrant sunbeam


who asks to take refuge

who would settle its errant light




Even on the nails

who used to host pictures but those were

voted out in favor of hanging my

hand-washed floral underwear

up to dry like funeral bouquets


Even on the backs

of the first mosquitos

to arrive at the feast

before my Great Mesh Wall goes up


Even on my porcelain face,

which is wont to ponder,

but instead

looks askance

and instead

pulls a thin veil across the window

and instead

flips on the switch

for the lone Light Bulb.


In its castigating orange light

I lean against the shadow-chilled wall

that rests between my bed

and the prayer mats of my family.




About the Author

Olivia Till · University of Notre Dame

Olivia Till was a Political Science student at the University of Notre Dame and currently resides  in Washington D.C. This piece first appeared in Re:Visions.

About the Artist

Zachary Vaughn · Oberlin College

Originally from Vacaville, California, Zachary Vaughn is a student at Oberlin College. This piece first appeared in Plum Creek Review. 

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