Inlet at Kabutojima

Fog in Dingle, Emily Mui


From the river something is stirring

in a Pacific ultrablue,

an edgeless ripple or a water bomb where the sea sinks into violet.

The rower bends over his boat with its talon curve and cargo

of grasses. His slender pole

paints the water

with motion, stirs the currents of harbor ships bent with wind,

faceless as the gust of birds

morphing south in black geometry.

The trees crack the blueness with their lightning trunks.

The roof cracks the earth

with its horns.

A woman kneels on the balcony praying to the vastness

which consumes her.

The sun rises again, and sets.



About the Author

Emily Rosello Mercurio · Wheaton College

Emily Rosello Mercurio is from Weatogue, CT and she studies English and Women’s & Gender Studies at Wheaton College. She hopes to teach high school English and to continue publishing her writing after graduation. “Inlet at Kabutojima” first appeared in Rushlight. 

About the Artist

Emily Mui · Northeastern University

Emily Mui is a third-year BS/MS Industrial Engineering/Engineering Management student with a minor in Art at Northeastern University. She loves traveling in pursuit of creating art and plans to spend a month at an art studio in New Zealand this summer. “Fog in Dingle” first appeared in Spectrum.

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