October 2021


Your Poems Don’t Have Heart

By Lindsay Sletten, Goucher College

Ode to a Venn Diagram

By Tanner Whitney, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Based on Your Credit Score, You Qualify for the Following Subpar Human Abilities

By Seth Wade, University of Vermont

Neon is Lighter Than Air

By Meredith Adams, Portland Community College

After Y. Murakami

By Omar Dirie, George Mason University

Ars Poetica: Undressing Feathers

By Keana Moreau, University of Vermont

Zodiac Year of the Lamb

By Grace Wang, Harvard University



By Nina Eddinger, Kutztown University

Panatgruel and the One Eyed Goon

By Rebecca Petchenik, Portland Community College

Monsters Under Your Bed

By Ella Luzzi, Kutztown University


By Shannon Baker, Luther College

Dart Frog

By Natalie Orga, Gettysburg College

Dance on the Ashes of Your Enemy

By Leon Unruh, University of Alaska


Creative Nonfiction

A Ghost Story

By Lauren Foley, University of Minnesota

How to Write About Your Dead Latin Teacher (in Six Easy Steps)

By Kyra Lisse, Franklin & Marshall College

When We Went to 1989

By Ebbi Bowen, Trinity University

In Brevity

By Jessica Crooker, University of Vermont