The chair

Untamed, Natalie Meador

My flesh, a fixture

In your sanctuary 

Positioned strategically 

For optimal usage;

Your pleasure at its expense.

Dents and scratches repeatedly

Concealed by pungent lacquers;

The handyman covers his messes. 

The inflated ego turned your

“Good as new,” into the new

“I’m sorry.” You liked them

Used and worn in, yet 

Moldable enough to show the 

Wear and tear of the newest owner. 

Each grunt and sigh

Covered squeaks and breaks, 

Rocking until the legs give out;

Until they give in. 

Climbing off in a sweaty heap,

You leave it there

Ready for the next time 

You justify your carelessness 

By discussing your 

“Long day at work.” 

About the author

NaShaya Bartolo · Mercer University

NaShaya Bartolo is a 2021 Mercer University Magna Cum Laude graduate, who majored in English and Minored in Philosophy. Her intimate relationship with writing has allowed her piece to bring a voice to an indescribable tragedy. Bartolo’s post-graduate plans include working as a legal assistant at a law firm and preparing for law school.

About the Artist

Natalie Meador

Natalie Meador is a contemporary artist whose work ranges from drawings, mixed media, and paintings. She has shared a passion for art from a young age and hopes to inspire others with her work. Her artistic interests span many subjects, but her primary source of inspiration is found in abstract and intricate organic forms.

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