SBF, or Why I am No Longer Discussing Sex With Straight People

2, Julia Broeker

my ex-best friend told me her boyfriend ate her pussy, but it’s okay;, she’s still a virgin. 

but oh i forgot, i guess that’s all sex is for you guys.

you know that part in fried green tomatoes

when they throw flour on each other?


that’s lesbian sex.


lesbian sex is:

eye contact over the

kumquats in hyvee,

covert camaraderie in 

a glance we both know 

means more.

lesbian sex is:

listening to allen ginsberg read howl.

that’s it, that’s an orgasm.


lesbian sex is:

texting your not-quite-girlfriend-yet 

(it’s complicated)

that you’re a virgin so just FYI, 

and she says she’s one too.

lesbian sex is:

never ever ever ever talking to each other.

but never stopping once we do.


lesbian sex is:

political like washing your hands is

like going out without makeup like

#metoo and a little red sticker.


lesbian sex is:

masturbation (gasp)

with myself

(gasp) a lesbian.


lesbian sex is:

schrödinger’s sex like

no dick? no strap-on?

what do y’all even do?

lesbian sex is:

none of your fucking business but

don’t die wondering, darlin’

About the Author

Trinity Fritz Lawrence · University of Minnesota

Trinity writes poetry, short fiction, and essays. She is a student at the University of Minnesota, studying Greek classics, English, and family violence prevention. She has been featured on Poets & Pints and has been published in The Tower, Penumbra Magazine, The Miracle Monocle, and more. She co-hosted Poets & Pints and now curates the Blank Verse prose and poetry showcase. You’ll find her sitting in assorted coffee shops, people-watching, eating pastries, and falling in love with baristas. This piece first appeared in The Tower. 

About the Artist

Julia Broeker · Grinnell College

Julia Broeker split their time at Grinnell College studying art and anthropology, with occasional breaks for food and friends. They currently reside in limbo and happily expect  to remain in between for the coming years. “2” was originally published in The Grinnell Review and first appeared in the 2016 volume of plain china

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