Dream Girl

Poppies and WD-40, Chloe Moulin

Mania tastes like a Monster

Smells like cigarette butts

Bleach gasoline

And gripping the clutch

Infidelity shows up too

Grows in Tindr swipes right

Purging sweating

Lemme take a bite

Avoidance: to hide in bright lights

Tone-deaf till the beat drops

Parking tickets

Lipstick and skid marks

Jitters sift through stretched out eyelids

Permanent ten-shot high

Angel dust bitch

Self-sucking heel clicks

Tastes I’ve grown to despise.

About the Author

Jillian Horton · St. Edward’s University

Jillian Horton, an aspiring cat owner, is a student at St. Edward’s University. They hope to publish more of their poetry in the future. This piece first appeared in Sorin Oak Review.

About the Artist

Chloe Moulin · University of Vermont

Chloe is a senior undergraduate student at the University of Vermont. After graduating and earning my BS this May, she will be attending the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine to pursue her PhD in biomedical science. She will also be continuing her artwork, and continuing to explore the fusion of art and science. This piece first appeared in The Gist.

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