On the Edge of the Falls, Sarah Moore

An Imagined Theater

Scene 1.

A woman glides into a bathtub of snow.

As her body fills to brim she realizes it is not snow

But finely powdered shards of glass.

Scene 2.

She lies down on a sofa.

A man is drawn to her.

He peels off her skin.

She relaxes into his touch.

Scene 3.

Silky amber bed sheets.

A wall with electric lights.

The sound of a banjo.

Scene 4.

An act of love.

Things. Words.

Memories, real or untouched,

Warm like a fire.

About the Author

Anna Wallack · Trinity University

Anna Wallack graduated from Trinity University in 2020 with a degree in Psychology. “Tranquility” first appeared in The Trinity Review in Spring 2019. You can contact her on Instagram at @loveability.

About the Artist

Sarah Moore · Tennessee Technological University

Sarah Moore is a graduate student at Tennessee Technological University looking to go into the field of editing. Sarah was Managing Editor of TTU’s literary magazine for two years and currently works in the Engineering Department as a writing tutor. “On the Edge of the Falls” first appeared in The Iris Review

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