Larger Half

facetime, Saber Paustian

In ninth grade I made a list

of oxymorons. Plastic glasses. Open

secret. I reveled in the duality, like holding dark

chocolate on my tongue to let the bitterness linger.

When I came out, this is where I found 

myself––not seeing a choice 

in the not-choosing. Bi as in two, as in

one whole that makes my girlfriend insecure.

She asks what I first liked about her, but I know 

the unspoken sticks like peach skin 

in her teeth––did you leave him for what’s between my legs? Original copy. Liquid gas. Larger half.

About the Author

Sarah Terrazano· Oakland University

Sarah Terrazano is a poet whose work has been featured in, The Merrimack Review, and, among other publications. She was also the co-winner of the 2019 Glascock Poetry Contest. Originally from Boston, she now lives in Madrid and works as an English teacher. Larger Half was originally published in Oakland Arts Review.

About the Artist

Saber Paustian · Auburn University

Saber Paustian is a graphic design major at Auburn University with a declared minor in computer science. She loves art, music, and spending time with her loved ones. Her work, ‘facetime’ is a portrait of a friend pulled from a screenshot taken while on video chat in May of 2019.

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