Growth, Liatris Hethcoat

The nests I see are not so high above

my head as they had once been on this track.

And now my hands can fit inside the gloves

you wore when walking down this cul-de-sac.

These twisted twigs would leave me freshly scraped

were I to wrap my hands around the birds’

abandoned homes. Instead, I leave them draped

amongst the branches waiting for new wards.

The air moves slowly down the quiet street

leisurely toying with the fallen leaves

that spill across the chalky white concrete.

But still I long for times when shedding trees

would climb so far above the place we’d sit

and hands of mine wore gloves that didn’t fit.

About the Author

Elizabeth MacLeod · University of Cincinnati

Elizabeth MacLeod studies Creative Writing at the University of Cincinnati. “Nest” first appeared in Short Vine.

About the Artist

Liatris Hethcoat · Chapman University

“Growth” first appeared in Calliope.