how i swoon

Do You See Me?, Hannah Elizabeth High



your footfall drops on the cement outside where I wait sound echoes my heartbeat matches your step stepped in the way I remember from those old films and the lover was coming to give his lady a long kiss but not too long before I see you and though I feel peaceful my lungs jump with excitement for you will steal my breath as your palm’s gentleness remembers my neck and I can’t help but swoon under your touch and my foot can’t keep from popping upward because the dream of you has come alive and improved upon itself to come and woo me gently into slow dancing to Sinatra and late nights of ice cream with your arm around me while the documentary plays and my two sips of your frozen margarita before we kiss in the sand and into a dream better than my imagination could write as my skin responds to your touch in a way that my bones know you as my favorite choice



About the Author

Laurel Ferretti · George Mason University

Laurel Ferretti is a graduate of George Mason University where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in creative writing, with a concentration in poetry. “How I Swoon” first appeared in Volition.


About the Artist

Hannah Elizabeth High · Reading Area Community College

Do You See Me? first appeared in Legacy.

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