Virgin Heart

Beach, Jacob Roosa



I fear the swell and push of crowds;
the incoherent chatter closing in from all sides.
I fear looking up from my book and finding someone there
or worse, someone won’t be there.
I fear this fear will prevent our meeting.


I fear the day we meet.
That it will pass without realizing who you were.
I fear being unable to bring my eyes to meet yours
and you mistaking my anxious silence for sarcastic judgement.
I fear staring at my ceiling fan, wishing there was less left unsaid.


I fear my inexperienced sweaty fingers clamping yours too tightly
or bad kisses given and good ones poorly received.
I fear my ignorance of the uncharted emotions in my own heart.
That the barriers I built years ago will keep you waiting outside
and the inadvertent ice in my words biting you too hard too often.


I fear I am too late, too old for new tricks.


I fear, having never loved before,
I won’t know how to love you.



About the Author

Mary Trahey · Shippensburg University

Mary Trahey is a 21 year old junior at Shippensburg University majoring in Biology and Spanish with the hopes of becoming an audiologist. She has always had love of poetry and is an avid reader and writer. “Virgin Heart” first appeared in Reflector. 

About the Artist

Jacob Roosa · Oberlin College

Jacob Roosa is a 4th year Art History major at Oberlin College, focusing on Medieval art and architecture. His work is mostly in collage, book arts, woodworking, and architectural design. “Beach” first appeared in Plum Creek Review. 

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