Throwback, Abigail Jackson



When she turned seventy, my grandmother

stopped pretending to quit smoking.


Though her days consisted mostly

of coughing and burning holes


in the tablecloth, she never parted

with her Salems. “I’m ready to go,”


she used to say, as the rising smoke

yellowed the ceiling in patches.


About the Author

Danny Duffy · University of Florida

Danny Duffy earned his BA in English and International Studies from the University of Florida. He owns an antique typewriter that he is too afraid to use. “Seventy” firdst appeared in TEA. 

About the Artist

Abigail Jackson · Wheaton College

Abigail Jackson is currently a Senior at Wheaton College, and will be graduating with a degree in Psychology with a double minor in Studio Art and English. “Throwback” first appeared in Rushlight. 

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