Galway, Ireland 1993

Small House Near Nowhere, Emily Hill



Friday, Kristin cuts vegetables into finer things,

searches the weekly chicken like a dead body.

The bones are boiling away for soup—


six o’clock and the house is Catholic for the day.

The walls are warm ochre, but Kristin shivers,

trying not to think of her parents’ home in Maryland.


She has not seen cherry blossoms in years, nor

heard the Potomac searching for its mouth to the Bay.

In town, David kills a phone call, walks to his used car—


he dislikes the ’89 Opel Kadett, red and misspelled.

Driving home slowly, he regards the West in winter,

misty, inviting, Ireland hiding itself within itself.


They finish dinner hungry, tired, holding hands.

Tomorrow they’ll take stones from the nearby ruins

trying to be locals in a place that isn’t theirs.



About the Author

Andrew Cushen · University of Florida

Andrew Cushen is a forth-year English and Spanish major at the University of Florida. He is the editor-in-chief of TEA, and is interested in pursuing an MFA in Fiction upon graduation. “Galway, Ireland 1993” first appeared in TEA. 

About the Artist

Emily Hill · University of Minnesota

Emily Hill is a sophomore at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities where she studies graphic design and art. Emily currently illustrates for the Wake Magazine on campus, as well as displaying her art at the Soap Factory art gallery in Minneapolis. “Small House Near Nowhere” first appeared in Ivory Tower. 

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