Stripped, She Said

Ripped, Breanne Sparta



you have stripped me
down to my tongue root
she said
it flaps


i will lick the bent rims
of your bicycle tires
i will lie
down flat for the chance
to chew your anklebones
out from under you.


she said
if i turn everything
rightside upside
do i look pretty hanging


i will open mouth adore
the bottom of your hollows
if i gape
do i do you more good
or salivating?



About the Author

Anne Delatte · Louisiana State University

Anne Delatte graduated with a B.A. in creative writing and a minor in linguistics. She is involved in several poetry projects in the Baton Rouge and New Orleans areas and looks forward to pursuing her love affair with language across geographical and literary borders. Her poem first appeared in LSU’s literary journal, Delta.

About the Artist

Breanne Sparta · Northeastern University

Breanne Sparta graduated with a degree in biochemistry and currently does cancer research at a biotech company in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She hopes to begin a Ph.D. program soon. Breanne’s paintings, drawings, and photography draw inspiration from her studies; she uses her exploration of art to gain insights into biology. Her photograph first appeared in Northeastern’s journal, Spectrum.

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