Ferguson, Teresa Bedzigui



Where I am is a place

Where lemon water tributaries

Empty into ethylamine oceans.

I bought a new scarf today

(it is below zero, where I am)

and I tied it tight around my

bedpost and ankles.

The Andes are at my left, los

Ojos del Salado seething at me,

Waiting to projectile vomit lava

Onto my pillow.

To my right, the peak of Chimborazo,

I feel so far away from the world.




About the Author

Allie Griffith · University of Notre Dame

Allie Griffith is currently an undergraduate junior at the University of Notre Dame double majoring in English and American Studies, with a concentration in Creative Writing. Her two majors allow her to more critically pursue her most fervent passions: writing and social justice. “Postcard” originally appeared in Re:Visions.

About the Artist

Teresa Bedzigui · Guilford College

Teresa Bedzigui graduated from Guilford College in May 2016 with a degree in Economics. She plans to continue her education pursuing a Masters of Public Health in Fall 2016. A native from Yaounde, Cameroon, Teresa enjoy seeing the world through a deeply nuanced lens. In her desire to understand society around her, Teresa became involved in social justice work and finds often that the best art comes from the deepest struggles. Teresa currently resides in Washington, D.C. “Ferguson” first appeared in The Greenleaf Review. 

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