Nocturnal: A Series of Haiku

Sheets No. 1, Kory Gabriel



I. She is Becoming


something nocturnal.
Watch as she teethes on moondark.
She is going, gone.



II. I Hear


behind the treehouse:
the coyote’s aria,
touched by the moonlight.



III. I Told Her to Leave


but her hands were like
night animals, who moved mist
aside to touch me.



IV. My Jealousy Lengthens


like the dead girl’s hair.
My own thoughts are rows and rows
of her crooked teeth.



V. My Wishlist:


Feed me full grown to
the forest, my heart is thinner
than a patient gown.



About the Author

Kate Garnett · University of Houston

A senior at Southern Connecticut State University, Kate Garnett studies English and creative and professional writing. Her work has been published in several literary journals, including SCSU’S Folio and The University of Houston’s Glass Mountain. This year, she received first place in Southern’s Folio Poetry Contest. After graduation, she will pursue an MFA in poetry; she believes art is the most transformative tool we have.

About the Artist

Kory Gabriel · University of Georgia

Kory Gabriel explores the ambiguity and symbolism of juxtapositions between object and human in his art. He has exhibited in the Lamar Dodd School of Art Galleries and Blue Tin Studio, and has been published in UGA’s Journal for Undergraduate Research and Communication Arts Typography. View more of his work here.

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