I’ve Read that it’s an Organ in the Walls of a Sternum Church and then I Met You

Untitled (athlete), Katie Burleson



I’ve talked to the freckle

pressed into the pinky and sometimes

the dimple on her ankle sings to me. I’ve watched

as her lion hair scatters itself across

her head as if it were an absurd halo given to her by some blizzard



Anthology eyes

name every laugh and scream

in cracked and cavernous books,

an iris library



About the Author

Danielle Quichocho · Ohio Northern University

Danielle Quichocho is working on a master’s degree at the University of South Florida. “I’ve Read that it’s an organ in the Walls of a Sternum Church and then I Met You” first appeared in Polaris.

About the Artist

Katie Burleson · Wheaton College

Kate Burleson is from Cape Cod, Massachusetts and she graduated from Wheaton College. She is currently at the Miami Ad School to become an Art Director. “Untitled (athlete)” first appeared in Rushlight.

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