A New World of Light, Jake Fisher



Maple brush sifting thick curls

awakens spiteful currents—

traveling to your fingertips—

bridging a circuit with the brass door knob—

giving your hand a quick jolt.


Birthday balloons float aimlessly,

drawn towards hairs stretching out to touch it—

caressing its rubbery friction.

Carried by a draft

that balloon bumps into Walter’s hand—

currently petting his friend’s cat—

frizzling Felix’s orange coat.


Bill tries on a wool sweater

gifted from his mother;

its coarse fibers grind

against a winter beard, gathering force.

When Bill walks into the foyer—

his fiancé is relaxing on their college sofa—

Magnetically drawn

he leans in for a smooch—

Connie jumps from cackling bolts

erupting from a shaggy chin.


Debbie in Buffalo dials up Pam in Fresno—

sisters gossiping about their husbands—

while an angry nimbus at Thor’s command

punishes phone lines in a blinding spark—

converging through the landline to the chatter-bug inside—

throwing her across the room.


Startled but uninjured,

Debbie reaches out

with one hand gripped around

the rotary-style receiver, smoking

the other summoning her prized pug—

loyal Stephen sniffs singed digits—

they zap him!



About the Author

Benjamin Walls · University of Cincinnati

Benjamin Walls is from Springfield, Ohio. He graduated from the Univeristy of Cincinnati in May 2015 with a BA in English Literature. His current work deals with cosmopolitiansim and poetics. “Electrodes” first appeared in Short Vine.
About the Artist

Jake Fisher · Bard College

Jacob Fisher is graduate of Bard College and a Installation Artist living and working in New York City. Jacob creates temporary installations that work at transforming and redefining the aesthetics of space. “A New World of Light” first appeared in Bard Papers.

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