Sunday Nights, Emma Brunette

[Trigger Warning: Brief mentions of abuse and death]

I couldn’t bring myself to take them home—

the items sealed in the evidence bag:

your wallet, thick with crumbly-edged

school photos; an old T-Shirt

stained with grease. It made no sense

to take them home if I couldn’t take you.

The doctor said he beat your heart

like a djembe—like you used to beat mom.

The shed you built out back sinks into the earth.

I leave the vines that climb it alone.

About the Author

Cyndee Devereaux · University of Florida

Cydnee Devereaux earned her BA in English from the University of Florida. She currently studies in the MFA program at Vanderbilt University. “Djembe” first appeared in TEA. 

About the Artist

Emma Brunette · University of Minnesota

Emma Brunette is a junior pursuing a BFA in drawing, painting, and printmaking at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Her work tends to involve the human figure, and is often motivated by concepts in anthropology and her own experiences with emotion.  “Sunday Nights” first appeared in Ivory Tower.

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