Ocean, Beatrice Ugolini



Even the air is ice-

ridden. Locals rehash


the sweep of tides flushing

out debris, clams


freezing in their pitch-

gray sandbeds. This wintertime


summer home sits

dark on its plot.


Tree frogs chirp until

nine, then disappear,


sleeping in the scrub pine.

Defiant in its anti-


urbanity, this house releases

not a single sound.


My spine curls, fetal,

trapping in


some spot of body

heat. The pitch


of my own breathing




About the Author

Erica Hauswald · Grinnell College

Erica Hauswald graduated in 2012 from Grinnell, where she studied English and French. A Philadelphia native, she now lives in New York City and teaches high school English in the South Bronx through an education non-profit called Blue Engine. “Cape,” part of her senior thesis chapbook, was published in The Grinnell Review.

About the Artist

Beatrice Ugolini · Bennington College

Born and raised in Italy, Beatrice Ugolini studies anthropology, Chinese, and photography. Her artwork comes from an externalization of her emotions and thoughts. Her photos are meant to be the product of the encounter between reality and personal feelings. More of her work can be seen here. Ocean first appeared in Bennington’s journal, Silo.

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