Girl in the Wings, Chloe Ella Urbanczyk

[Trigger Warning: Mention of animal hunting]

After we’ve shot the swallows from the sky
I tell you of the coast you’ve forgotten,

memories turned legend, migrating inwards.
I am the gluttony learned by leeching

the ocean, all swallow bones and
winter. Wait with me as I sift through

this island, the almost-glass, the spirits
they promised. Let me pick these splinters –

murmur gentle things – let me make you
stay. Here are the swallows and here

are their feathers and here are the phantoms
waiting, wasting:

Let us take you to the grotto

where the walls glint inwards,
and the birds drop downwards,

lose their faces in the swell.

About the Author

Michal Liebowitz · Stanford University

Michal Leibowitz was born and raised in White Plains, NY. Her poetry has recently appeared or is forthcoming in The Adroit Journal, Boxcar Poetry Review, and Spry Literary Journal, among others. Michal is a freshman at Stanford University. “Birdshot” first appeared in Cleaver Magazine

About the Artist

Chloe Ella Urbanczyk · Wheaton College

Chloe Ella Urbanczyk is an English and art major who studied at Wheaton College. Her passion for story-telling plays a big part in my more whimsical and illustrative style which typically features the traditional mediums of inks and graphite. I have exhibited work in the Beard Gallery at Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts, and I have had pieces purchased by Wheaton for its art collection. “Girl in the Wings” first appeared in Rushlight.

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