Watersheds and Lions’ Dens

Sufi, Tamara Turk



In the desert

we speak of aquifers,

how they are the spaces

between things,

how they hold water

to quench thousands.


All the cracks and crevices,

the small places between stones

and pebbles—


water for thousands.


If the spaces between bodies

would leave me anything

but parched,

I wouldn’t dwell on a man

pressed up

against my stomach,

his back in the clutch

of my palm,

shoulder blades pointed and strong,

an ebb, a rising, a lion’s grasp

of movement.


In the spaces between things are lions,

curled up

between stones, sleeping

in the dens of thousands.


About the Author

Christina Zaccone, Prescott College

Christina Zaccone recently graduated with a minor in creative writing. She currently works as a musician and an activities coordinator at an assisted living facility in Prescott, Arizona. Much of her writing finds its roots in the exploration of human intimacy and patterns in nature.

About the Artist

Tamara Turk, University of Tampa

Senior Tamara Turk is an international student from Jordan majoring in art therapy. She hopes to continue her studies in art therapy on the graduate level and become a certified therapist. Oil painting and drawing are among her favorites when it comes to making art.

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