Red Sky

Shoreline, Yarden Salei


after C.D. Wright’s “Floating Lady Retablo”


When I left home   all the worries escaped

From my chest   just gone, like that   crazy   how

Some places   of a kind   become warped   twisted   how

Family isn’t family   and peace craves the conscious mind

Yet resides deep within   the white bone skull   Shut Up

Will turn into   Be Quiet   Cigars become blunts   of a different

Man’s   Who I know no more   Chill

Woman he’d say   I’ve got it under control   Chill

Woman   I can’t lie to you those   crazy sunflower eyes

Remind me of your mother



About the Author

Samantha Frank, Carnegie Mellon University

Senior Samantha Frank studies creative writing, professional writing, and business administration. She serves as prose editor for The Oakland Review and has just completed a collection of short stories, “Stick A Fork In Me.” Samantha grew up in New Rochelle, New York; after graduation, she hopes to work in the entertainment industry.

About the Artist

Yarden Salei, University of Vermont

Yarden Salei grew up in suburban New Jersey. He’s spent the last couple of years at UVM studying religion and art. While he was working at a daycare center, two tots came up to him and said, “Wherever we go, we figure out what the stuff is”—and really, it’s all he tries to do, too.


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