Orare por ti (I will pray for you)

Juan Ortega

Morning Prayer, Jenny Brum

Que dios te perdone y cambie tu mente
For something I am, that I did not choose
Adan y Eva, hombre y mujer es lo que es simplemente
I won’t move, please just change your views.

Tu eres hombre y casaras con una mujer
I am myself, my love life you will not dictate
Tu no sabes lo que quieres escoger
That I will leave up to fate. 

Orar y orar es lo que arre, orar por ti, no cambiare
Don’t pray for me, pray for your kids they need it more
Tu mente Dios cambiara y que tu alma también libere
I do believe my beliefs won’t change, but I can’t do this anymore.

Yo te vi crecer, y yo te vi vivir, come te quieres ir de mi
You are my mother and it’s not easy to let you go
Mi hijo tu no eres, un demonio hay en ti
Your beliefs are what stop you that I know.

Every word you say takes a toll on my heart
Como quieres que te diga que estás en lo mal
Don’t and maybe that would be a start
No hables y no seas emotional.

Day by day I lived in this house with nothing to say
Esta casa yo vivo y pecador no quedará
Who ever said I was planning to stay?
Tu pecado pronto tu mente realizara.

Your son I am and always will be, 
but in this house I can’t live
No te vayas quédate aquí, nada cambiara
I can’t, your support is not something you can give
Regresaras lo se, tu madre soy y tu llamada llegará.

My call will come once I’m ready
Será pronto no lo negarás, tu familia aquí estará
My mind will remain steady
El diablo tu alma se llevará.

I have to leave and let it be.
For in this house I can’t be me
No family to stand by my side.
At least I can say that I tried.

By my side, you do not stand.
I know this isn’t what you planned.
Now we both have to live day by day.
“I’m sorry” is all I have to say

About the Author

Juan Ortega · St. Edward’s University

Juan Ortega is a 3rd year social work major at St. Edward’s University. He has a strong interest in social justice and welfare reform. His passion and experiences fuel his creative drive, and encourage him to record his narrative through poetry.

About the Artist

Jenny Brum · Wheaton College

Jenny Brum ’12 studied theater, English, and psychology at Wheaton College in Massachusetts. This photo was taken during her semester abroad in Vietnam at one of the stops on her maritime tour of the world with the program, Semester at Sea. She is currently pursuing a career in theater and nurturing an intense photography hobby.

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