To the Zombie at the Intersection of Starbucks and Dollar Tree

Alexis Noe Ocegueda

Afterparty 2, Mandi Vivacqua

No, not the one drowned in rainbows of paint and ink at every footstep

No, not the one that has their jaw hanging on for dear life at their knees

Yes, you, the one bashing their head against the light post mimicking the moths in your mouth

Who leaves a trail of black flakes that was once a band shirt, I too am an enjoyer of Bee Gees

Staying alive even after countless rats at your feet, knives at your throat, and pipes to the mind

Your nightingale voice lullabies me to sleep, and it DOES NOT sound like cats making passionate love

YES, I have grown tired of the pumpkin spice scavenger’s trips and falls

I dare say her urges might cause the second apocalypse, don’t know how

Even then my amazement of you will not decay, I’ll happily give you a hand or two

A piece of my mind whenever a talk is needed to quench your emotions

My eyes to see the beauty I see in you whenever it rains

It’s then the raindrops caresses your bones to glitter

The heart to appear once more at your throat

To dance like an alcoholic elephant

The dance of leftover life

I wish to join

About the Author

Alexis Noe Ocegueda · Christian Brothers University

Alexis Ocegueda is a psychology major with a minor in creative writing at Christian Brothers University. He loves to write whenever possible and is influenced by the works he reads or watches. This piece first appeared in Castings.

About the Artist

Mandi Vivacqua · Susquehanna University

Originally from Frackville, Pennsylvania, Mandi Vivacqua is a former English and studio art major who enjoys writing, music, and art. After graduation, she hopes to work for a music-based magazine doing photography work. Afterparty 2 is a companion piece to her photo published in RiverCraft. This piece was first featured in plain china in 2018.

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