Pink Creek, Louise Rossiter

The wind
     that day
was an irate infant
an infant beset with colic
tempestuous and tyrannical
raging and wailing displeasure
grasping and pulling and pushing
up, then down, then sideways
howling for attention
a terror, to be sure
especially for anyone
who had yet to encounter
such voracious and single-minded determination
to be inconsolable
     much like the beating, wild thing
     behind my ribs
     full of directionless wrath
     the bitter hunter
     armed with arrows of righteous anger
     without a target to pierce
     without the satisfaction of an enemy to vanquish

About the Author

Rachael Gilmore · Missouri Southern State University

Rachael Gilmore is an undergraduate student at Missouri Southern State University in Joplin, Missouri. Her husband and two sons keep her on her toes as she works full-time while also attending classes at MSSU. Creative writing is a means to keep her grounded and sane when juggling the many facets of her life, while also providing an outlet for the many voices in her head vying for the position of protagonist or antagonist of her next work.

About the Artist

Louise Rossiter  · Knox College

Louise Rossiter is a recent art grad from Knox College.  This piece first appeared in Catch Magazine. This piece was first featured in plain china in 2022. 

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