Phoenicopteridae Urbana, Jaxon Ke’anoi Bonsack

The Atlantic

Surfers sprawled on their backs waiting

for the sun to dry them

out. Layers

peeling in long strips. Just like sun-dried

tomatoes. Stringy hair caught

in the drain of the outdoor shower.

Slinking into the pipes

below them. Seagulls picking

off their next victims in this

summer of sweat and scum.

And the swimmers hold their once sublime

image tightly against the slits

of their skin on bones.

Skinny enough for the seagulls

to disregard their size. 

The Pacific

Filled with corpses and mechanic

ebbing. Steel blue crashes with the squawking

of pelicans. Each bright

white plucked feather clambers through

the crowd of cracked necks and

punctured coolers filled with scat.

Scattered throughout the coughs

itching, tickling, the back

of those throats. Scent can’t pick

out salt from copper here on this

vacation for cannibals.

And the katabothron holds floating knapsacks

with skin covered in the maggots

and crickets the pelicans

could not keep.

About the Author

Taylor Hammond · New Mexico State University

Taylor Hammond began writing as a kindergartener, and now studies Creative Writing at New Mexico State University. This piece first appeared in Crimson Thread. 

About the Artist

Jaxon Ke’anoi Bonsack 

Working across disciplines, Jaxon Ke’anoi Bonsack creates vibrant, engaging, and often visceral work. Trained as an architect and researcher, Jaxon has harmoniously blended his passions and talents into an artistic practice that spans mediums and genres. Whether through digital photography and collage, painting, sculpture, or writing, Jaxon explores what it means to be human and to find beauty in that shared experience, giving voice to the narratives that shape us. Based in Minneapolis, Jaxon works in public art, helping support the work of other artists, creating greater access and exposure. When he is not working on his writing or art, Jaxon is restoring and remodeling an 1886 Victorian home with his husband. This piece originally was featured in plain china in 2019.

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