Two Words

Midnight Blossoms, Sydney Walker

The emptiness you left is there every day,

The pillow sheets are often drenched,

My eyes stay shut to keep from the truth,

My ears still wait to hear you say those two words,

My nose clings to the smell of your favorite plaid jacket,

It’s been that way for eighteen years and it will be that way till I reach the bridge

And when I do, I will be the one that says those two words

I’m home.

About the Author

Isabella Rodriguez · St. Philip’s College

Isabella Rodriguez is a student at St. Philip’s College in San Antonio, TX. This piece first appeared in Tiger Paws. 

About the Artist

Sydney Walker · Mercer University

Sydney Walker is a senior at Mercer University getting a bachelor’s in graphic design and studio art. She loves exploring different mediums and is currently working mostly in gouache, colored pencil, and digital illustration. Her recent work focuses on the natural world and creating community. She will show work in her first group exhibition in the Spring of 2023 at The Mceachern Art Center in Macon, Georgia. This piece first appeared in Dulcimer. 

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