The Millennial

Disrupted Cannon, Colleen Simmons

One day we’ll have all 

of our memories Inscribed 

on rusty USBs. 

Our grandchildren can 

wear them on chains 

of silver and gold 

and remember 

we weren’t always 

so old. We didn’t wear 

tech around our neck,

but instead: our favorite 

selfies in the center 

of lockets or on a phone 

background in our pockets.

The kids will remember weekends 

at Grandma’s condominium where 

from balconies we shouted 

messages with 280 characters maximum

for those who cared 

(or not) to hear 

our white noise, just because 

we had a voice.

We will wear our 

Instagram bios like 

archived pages as tattoos 

on our pruned 

ankles and rib cages, 

remembering the sweet 

sting of youth, 

the bliss of thinking 

we knew about truth.

About the Author

Maria Zaharatos · Trinity University

Maria Zaharatos is a Political Science major and Spanish minor at Trinity University from Houston, TX. Her poetry expresses her inner monologue to share her point of view on life. “The Millennial” was first published in The Trinity Review.

About the Artist

Colleen Simmons

Colleen Simmons is a 23 year old ceramist and illustrator drawn to faces and the human form.  These inspirations from the body manifest in her two-dimensional and three-dimensional work, where she finds surprising similarities in form. The curvy lines, circles, and soft edges she gravitates towards in her paintings and drawings translate into her ceramics work with dreamlike results. “Disrupted Cannon” first appeared in Collision.

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