Penthouse Serenade

Girl, Azure Arnot

When the note is so high that it shatters thick glass

And the smile so hard that it hurts 

And the tower so tall that it topples and crashes

And crushes all lovers on earth

When your laugh is so hard that tears roll down your cheeks

And your feet ache from dancing too long

Cause your heart has forgotten solo melody 

So it skips beats to rewrite the song

A delicious cake that’s so sweet your teeth rot 

A pleasure so potent it’s pain

This, is to love so damn hard that you’d not

If you could, ever meet them again

I’ve ripped heart from my chest, hung it up the shelf

I can’t give my love best without killing myself.

About the Author

Deja Dennis · Randolph-Macon College

Deja Dennis is a senior English major with minors in Spanish and Journalism at Randolph-Macon College. “Penthouse Serenade” first appeared in The Stylus.

About the Artist

Azure Arnot · Suny Geneseo

Azure Arnot is a maker and doer. Much of her printmaking is about the unseen meanings and creating beautiful pieces that can be both appreciated for their beauty as well as theirs second meaning. You can find her online at or on Instagram at @azurearnot “Girl” first appeared in Gandy Dancer.

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