A Boy

Illuminated, Ava Fojtik

Popped off my knees like bottle caps & became a boy

Daddy crushed Diet Coke cans & I became a boy


hands goldfished in the creek—colorful pebble feet

Don’t feed her too much or she’ll grow into a boy


Flag pulled down from its perch—waved laughing upside down

The monkey bars at the park know she will be a boy


Reflected in rain-windows—chest wrapped in white gauze—

I scissor cut mountains—pressed my lips to a boy


Catch tadpoles & swallow them wriggling & whole—

Amphibian mother—gills are a silly thing for a boy


The first man was sliced down the middle— half & half

So you’re wondering which half of you is a boy?


I wrote my name first in the fogged window, a boy

a soul planted in pumpkin seeds, harvest the boy

About the Author

Robin Gow · Ursinus College

Robin Gow graduated from Ursinus College with a BA in English and is currently pursuing an MFA in creative writing at Adelphi University.  He has been published in POETRY and featured by Brooklyn Poets. “A Boy” first appeared in Furrow.

About the Artist

Ava Fojtik · Augsburg University

Ava Fojtik is a Religion major at Augsburg University. More of her work can be found on her Instagram @avafojtik. “Illuminated” first appeared in Murphy Square.

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