Let Her

Illuminated, Ava Fojtik

Fuck the heal-toe method. 

This rebel flat-foots, ‘n’ pancake-slaps 

the shit-zoo out of her sidewalk.

Balancing herself over the concrete edge,

like some acrobat holding her lover’s hands

while she tumbles through the thin air.

Pausing only for a half-second to catch her breath,

She’s a left out-fielder runnin’ with her tongue out:

strings out, strikes out, calls out, moves out. 

Hunched over: her 7.5-degree slouch forwards.

‘cause her textbooks cost a month’s salary 

and a spare kidney in a cooler.

They sure as hell should be heavy. 

Sure is pure, the war she levies. 

Wait. Her face is a canvas.

Make-up, her paint.

Let her finish,

Let her


About the Author

Miguel Escoto · St. Edward’s University

Miguel Escoto is a Political Science and Writing & Rhetoric student at St. Edward’s University. “Let Her” first appeared in Sorin Oak Review.

About the Artist

Ava Fojtik · Augsburg University

Ava Fojtik is a Religion major at Augsburg University. More of her work can be found on her Instagram @avafojtik. “Illuminated” first appeared in Murphy Square.

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