You Can Have My Body

Late Onset Adolescence, Breck Hickman

But you cannot have my soul.
You can take my body, you can cook it.
Yes, marinate it in some oppressive, tangy
sauce—some recipe passed down from
oppressive, tangy grandfathers.
You can grill it on a blistering
cast iron pan. Then,
take my body, and chop it into slender, insubstantial slices, enough
for every body.

But my soul will entrechat between walls and ceilings, twinkle
around the eaves of boring, gunmetal monoliths that you built and adore.
Go on, and impale my body
with your fork, letting the juices gush out
onto your stiff, ceramic plate. But know
that while you chew with your presumptuous pearls,
I’m still breathing.
While you suck your teeth proudly after gorging on this sensual dish,
my soul glides
in to flutter at your nose.

About the Author

Shereen Fahrai · University of Minnesota

Shereen Fahrai is a senior Literature and Creative Writing student at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. “You Can Have My Body” first appeared in The Tower.

About the Artist

Breck Hickman · University of Minnesota

Breck Hickman received her BFA from the University of Minnesota in 2018. Her work has also been shown at the Red Garage, the Larson Gallery, the Nash Gallery, and her university’s Gender and Sexuality Center. “Late Onset Adolescence” first appeared in The Tower Magazine. More of her work can be found at or on Instagram @breck_the_ok.

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