Place in the Sun, Marisa Murrow

if anyone asks,

we’ll tell them that the world broke us limb for limb before we could

build ourselves wings

the earth

flowers & thunders to life as time converges, 

divulges herself into the image of us 

there’s the shape of regret & then the blank space

after it,

cracking & shifting into the face of love

believe me, I have tried to call up the cavalry of 

broken halos,

women enduring, sun persisting

I’m paying attention now:

somewhere along the way, there was a fracture line, 

then a stampede of shattered pieces

from here, 

you can expect 

revival & rebirth & revolution

heaven doesn’t seem so far away now that

I’ve renamed destruction as

the place where light gets in 

About the Author

Amy Jarvis · Susquehanna University

Amy Jarvis is a Creative Writing major at Susquehanna University. “Epigraph,” first appeared in Rivercraft.

About the Artist

Marisa Murrow · Rhode Island School of Design

Marisa Murrow was born in Los Angeles.  She received her Bachelors of Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design.  She has traveled all over the world exploring art and culture. “Place in the Sun” first appeared in REED