St. Theresa’s

The Sound of Silence (Austria), Taylor Hedge

Sit in the back

like a good Catholic

and watch the priest

in white robes raise

his arms to welcome the sinners:

the drunks, the men

who beat their wives

purple and red like wine.

They crowd the banister

on their knees for absolution.

Later they’ll wander into the nearest pub

and catcall as I walk past.

Watch them lap up the Blood and see

it dribble from their lips.

They cross their foreheads and sigh

in relief, for a brief moment

white as the Body

on their tongues, which dissolves

as quickly as their good intentions.   

About the Author

Cassandra Busch · Loras College

Cassandra Busch is an English Literature and Creative Writing student at Loras College. This piece first appeared in The Limestone Review.

About the Artist

Taylor Hedge · Eckerd College

“The Sound of Silence (Austria)” first appeared in The Eckerd Review.

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