I Miss You Most

Self-Hatred, Logan Sullivan




when I put the last dish

in the drainer, when I light

a candle and set

it on the coffee table,

when I merge onto the freeway.

I want to share that quiet,

a page turn, a rustle

of adjusting on the couch.

I want to brush my teeth

in the same bathroom.

I want to walk through our neighborhood.

I am ready

to call a place

our neighborhood.



About the Author

Rob Jamner · Oberlin College

Rob Jamner is majoring in Creative Writing at Oberlin College. His work has also been featured in The Louisville Eccentric Observer. “I Miss You Most” first appeared in The Plum Creek Review.

About the Artist

Logan Sullivan · Virginia Commonwealth University

Logan Sullivan studies Painting and Printmaking at VCUArts. See more of his art at https://logansullivanart.github.io/. This piece first appeared in Amendment.

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